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How To Keep Your Dog Active During Winter

Winter is coming and we’re starting to feel the chill! For dog parents, this time of year can prove particularly challenging. Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is go outside. But, while your dog needs to stay active, you don’t always have to brave the elements.

With a bit of creativity, you can give your pup the exercise and stimulation they need, without having to step outside.

At K9 Heaven, we have a great variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. As a leading dog daycare in Auckland, we know exactly how to keep your pal entertained. Come rain or shine, we create daily enrichment activities that can be easily adapted to an indoor environment.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite indoor activities to keep those paws warm this winter.

Dog Training to Keep Your Dog Active During Winter

Training Sessions

Keep your pup mentally stimulated and reinforce positive behavior with indoor training sessions. Whether it’s practicing obedience commands or teaching fun tricks, short and interactive sessions can provide both mental and physical exercise for your doggo.

Indoor Agility Course

Set up a makeshift agility course in your living room using household items like chairs, broomsticks, and cushions. Guide your dog through tunnels, over hurdles, and around obstacles to keep them busy. Get creative and see what you come up with.

Treasure Hunt

Every dog loves a treasure hunt, especially if treats are involved! Put your doggo’s senses to the test by hiding treats and toys throughout your home. Start with easy hiding spots and increase the difficulty as your dog becomes more adept. This activity provides mental stimulation and encourages your pup to use their instincts. Sniffing games are a particularly good choice for dogs with high levels of energy.


Re-live your childhood with a game of hide and seek (doggo style). Hide yourself in various locations around the house and call on your dog to find you. This activity not only provides physical exercise, but it can also strengthen your bond.

Dog Yoga

Practice Doga (doggy yoga)

Believe it or not, it is a thing! Practicing yoga is another great way to bond with your dog. Also known as Doga, this activity improves strength and flexibility and reduces stress. Follow along with instructional videos or look out for classes in your local area.

The Classics

Exercising your dog at home doesn’t need to be fancy. Classic games like tug-of-war and fetch are a perfect way to keep your dog active during winter. Make sure you have plenty of space and use soft toys to protect your home.

How often should I walk my dog in winter?

Getting out in nature and breathing in the fresh air is essential for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. While indoor activities are great for winter months, your dog still needs to get outside.

How often you walk your dog will depend on their breed, size, and coat. As a rough guide, aim to take your pal out every day. If it’s particularly chilly, reduce the length of your walk. Monitor comfort levels and adapt the exercise to suit their needs. For wintry adventures, it’s best to invest in warm clothing and use your judgment when it comes to extreme weather conditions.


If your idea of winter is snuggling up by the fire, then these activities are a great way to stay warm. Just remember, your pal still needs to get outside from time to time. Aim to take them out at least once a day. While it can be pretty cold out there, your pal will adore the discoveries and sensations that winter brings. Wrap up warm and enjoy the journey.