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Leaving your furry family member behind while you go on holiday can be a difficult decision, which is why It’s important to find a reliable and trustworthy dog boarding or daycare facility, so you know that their paws are in the best possible hands. 

Let’s explore some key considerations when choosing the right boarding facility for your doggo and how you can best prepare them for their very first boarding experience-

Choosing the Right Facility

We may be biassed, but when choosing a dog boarding or daycare facility, it’s critical to do your research first. Not all facilities are created equal, so it’s important to find one that meets your pup’s specific needs.

Look for a facility with experienced staff, a good reputation for boarding and a thorough onboarding process – such as trial day and facility tours, to give you peace of mind. Check out our blog post on how to choose the best boarding facility for your dog. 

We always think it’s a good idea to visit the facility in person to get a feel for the space and meet the staff that will be looking after your pup while you are away, before making a decision. 

Familiarising Your Doggo with the Facility

To help your dog feel more comfortable during their stay at a boarding or daycare facility, it’s a good idea to bring them for a few visits before their stay. This will help them become familiar with the space and staff and can help ease any separation anxiety they may experience.

If possible, take your dog for a trial stay/ short holiday at the facility before you go on holiday. This will allow them to experience the place for a longer period of time and help them feel more at home. It’s also an excellent opportunity for them to socialise and make new furry  friends

A few home comforts 

Bringing familiar items from home, such as a blanket or toy, can help your dog feel more comfortable in their new environment. Make sure to pack your dog’s favourite things so they have a sense of familiarity during their stay. You can also bring their favourite toys or blankets to help them feel more comfortable.

Another way to reduce your pet’s stress is to pack an item of your own clothing, with your scent on it, for your dog to have in their kennel. This will serve to keep them calm if they start to experience separation anxiety.

Communication is key

Make sure to communicate any special needs your dog may have, such as medication or dietary restrictions, to the boarding or daycare facility. This will ensure that your dog receives the best possible care during their stay. 

 Also when you drop your pet off, don’t make a big scene, giving them a long goodbye or shedding tears. It’s best to act nonchalant, as your dog will pick up on your emotions and follow suit, giving the impression that their dog vacation isn’t a big deal. This will help them to complete the transition in a stress-free manner.

If you start to feel anxious about your pet while you’re away, feel free to give them a call to ask how your dog is getting on. At K9 Heaven’s West Auckland boarding facility, we love hearing from owners and giving them a piece of mind about how their furry friend is going – and how much fun they’re having.