All Daycare + Boarding Visits Include a FREE Farm Run

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Premium Dog Grooming

Get your little ball of fluff fresh and clean with our small dog grooming service.

Led by our team of qualified dog groomers, we’ll keep you pooch entertained while they have their paws clipped and fur trimmed. From washing to combing, and everything in between, we’ll get your dog looking and feeling their best.

This standalone service runs alongside our daycare and dog boarding facilities. Our groomers are used to working with dogs of all sizes, including the very smallest of breeds.

Our Approach

At K9 Heaven, we’re committed to providing a holistic daycare experience that nurtures your dog’s physical and emotional well-being which is why every dog receives a free park run every visit. 

With a sprawling 10-acre paradise of parkland, forests, and ponds, your doggo will have ample space to stretch their paws and connect with nature. Whether your pup is an indoor enthusiast or a mud-loving adventurer, they’ll find plenty of opportunities to indulge in their favorite activities during their daycare visit.

When it’s time for some rest, there are snug spots where your furry friend can take a well-deserved nap. With cosy bedding, stimulating toys, and loving humans, our doggy daycare is designed to feel just like home.

We also understand the importance of socialisation, which is why we group dogs by size and temperament. Through daily pack runs and interactions, your dog will not only have a blast but also learn valuable social skills and grow confident in the company of other dogs. 

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Dog parents often ask us...

K9 Heaven is unlike any other dog daycare centre in Auckland! We’ve taken every precaution when it comes to the safety, design and maintenance of our state-of-the-art facility. We have the highest safety standards in the industry.

For daycare, drop off is between 7-10am and pick up between 3-6pm.

Dogs are grouped in order of size and temperament. This means small dogs with small dogs and larger dogs with larger dogs. We also segment them based on temperament as well so we’ll have calm dogs with calm dogs and playful dogs with playful dogs to help balance out the energy

We always have at least one of our team monitoring the dogs in our yards. Our team are trained in reading and understanding dog behavior and acting appropriately to ensure all the dogs are safe and having fun using positive reinforcement. 

All our team go through our inhouse training to ensure they’re up to speed on all aspects of providing your doggo with the best and safest experience possible. 

We focus on a balance of fun, safety and good behavior to ensure all the dogs get what they need while in our care. Our team are also trained in pet first aid.

We provide high quality beds and bedding, bowls, blankets and toys meaning there is no need to bring anything with you. We also want to keep our environment bubbled off from the “outside” so we can maintain our cleaning and sanitizing standards and know exactly what has and hasn’t been cleaned/sanitized/looked after and to what degree.

We update our social media daily with photos and videos so you can see what they’re getting up to each day. It’s a bit of a logistical nightmare for us to get quality content of every doggo in our care. If you havent seen your dog and are a little worried – please email letting us know and we’ll get some snaps over to you. 

Our team get to know the dogs quickly and can pick up on changes in their behavior. If we’re concerned they’re becoming unwell we will make contact with you immediately with our recommendations and work with you to make a plan. We have local vets we can take them to if needed.

Our team is always monitoring the dogs to understand what they need. There is enough area in each play area for doggos who are tired to sleep. If there are a rowdy few we will be sure to manage that appropriately so all the doggos get what they need.
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Trial days are by appointment only, and there is a limited number of spaces available. Before we bring you and your dog into the pack, it’s important that we get a chance to know each other. Trial days run from before 10am with a pick up after 3pm.

Why do I have to book a trial day?

At K9 Heaven our packs are grouped based on personality and size to ensure your companion is surrounded by like-minded and similar-size friends! To ensure your dog is placed in the right pack, we need to assess their personality and habits.

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K9 Heaven Services

Whether you’re looking to drop your pet off for a morning, a day or something a little more long term, we’ve got you covered. Have a look at the services below or get in touch with us directly.
At K9 Heaven one size doesn’t fit all

We tailor the experience for each furry friend that visits us

Your companion won’t be placed into a situation inappropriate for their size. At K9 Heaven our packs are grouped based on personality and size to ensure your companion is surrounded by like-minded and similar-size friends! Click one of the links below to learn more about what your furry friend can expect.