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A Groomed Dog is a Happy Dog

If you think grooming is just about looks, you might be surprised to know that grooming forms an essential part of your dog’s well-being.

Let’s begin with a simple observation. Have you ever noticed how your dog seems to prance around a bit more energetically post a good grooming session? Likewise, a funky haircut or funny experience with the wrong groomer can leave them in a bit of a huff?

Each breed of dog has unique needs, from the specific care its coat type demands, to the pace and style of groom undertaken. “Different breeds, different needs,” is an adage that couldn’t ring truer in this context. 

Deeper down, beneath that glossy, well-brushed coat, lies healthier skin, and an overall happier dog. Carefully trimmed nails and a hygiene trim regularly help your dog feel more comfortable (and healthier) too. 

Overgrown nails can cause discomfort, even pain, during walks. Unattended ears and tails can become a breeding ground for infections.

Groomers are often the first people to notice if something isn’t quite right with your dog, with their careful examination being able to pinpoint skin, mobility and issues that might be good to discuss at your next vet visit.

People often forget that while a groom is a regular expense, it’s often an integral part of avoiding increased vet costs from letting a small niggle become a larger problem for your dog’s health.

Now, one might wonder, “Isn’t grooming something I can handle at home?” The answer is both yes and no. While regular brushing and basic care at home are essential, there’s a marked difference when professionals step in.

Not only do professional groomers have a range of equipment, they’re usually grooming a number of the same breed. As your groomer works, they are carefully checking for anything out of the norm. From lumps and bumps, to joint and mobility issues (especially for larger dogs) wouldn’t you rather know sooner than later that your pet needs some extra attention? 

So What Grooming/Dog Care Should I be Doing at Home?

With all this talk about grooming it’s easy to think that it might be best to leave everything to your groomer. However a few quick and regular “home grooms” can help your dog get used to regular preening, making their visit to a professional groomer more comfortable. Regular maintenance between grooms can also mean that it’s less stressful on your dog, the groomer (and your bank account).

What should you do at home, between grooms?

Regularly brushing their coat: The fluffier your pet, the more you’ll need to do this, but a quick brush with a comb is a great way to stop knots building over time. It’s a great way to check for grass seeds and twigs that can get caught on adventures.

Wash them: with a pet shampoo and conditioner. Yes that’s right, no human shampoo and conditioner here, dogs have a different coat & skin to humans so need something specific to their fur and coat.

Clean their ears & eyes: Depending on your dog, you may find you need to take away their sleepies from the corners of their eyes with a warm washcloth every couple of days. A slightly damp washcloth can be used in the outer ear too. We recommend leaving ear trims to your groomer however.

Cleaning or providing dental treats: Just like humans, in an ideal world your dog would get their teeth cleaned regularly. We totally understand that this isn’t feasible for all dogs, so dental treats are a step in the right direction. We recommend having a chat with your vet about your dog’s teeth at their yearly appointment, that way they can recommend ongoing specific treatment if your dog needs it.

Keep in mind that your dog may have additional needs! A regular pat session goes a long way towards keeping awareness over what’s normal (and what’s not) on your dog’s skin & coat.

The bond between your dog and it’s groomer

Picture this: A dog enters the grooming station, perhaps a bit apprehensive, tail tucked, a little nervous. It’s a new environment, after all, with unfamiliar sounds from the buzzing clippers and the splash of the water. But soon, the gentle touch of a groomer, the soothing voice reassuring them, works its magic. The dog relaxes, and what could have been a stressful ordeal turns into a therapeutic session.

From dogs who get the water-scaries to those who don’t like their nails being clipped, groomers work hard to build a bond with each dog so grooming is as easy on your pup as possible.

Now, why is this bond so crucial? It’s simple. 

Grooming is not just about beautifying, it’s as much about your dog feeling comfortable interacting with humans in stimulating and sometimes challenging situations. Groomers play an integral role in helping your dog adjust to professionals checking your dog – it’s like a trial run for a vet visit but without the scary bits (or the scary bills). 

Why trust the professionals?

At K9 Heaven because we’re committed to delivering a complete experience for your dog to enjoy, we have our own onsite grooming professionals.

For those who regularly send their dogs to doggy daycare or our doggy hotel, they can rest easy knowing that the team at K9 Heaven have got extra eyes on their dogs skin & coat.

Having the grooming station based at our facilities means the dogs are already familiar with the setting, plus a pre-weekend pamper can get the dogs looking good before they head home (hello clean dog smell).

We have carefully vetted our grooming team, and our groomers treat your dog like the individual they are. Professional groomers like the ones at K9 Heaven, really care about the look and the comfort of your dog. Most importantly, we optimise for dog happiness, we’ll never push your dog to get the job done. These little things make a big difference to the wellbeing of your dog!