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Unlocking effective Dog Training: Talking energy with Doggy Dan

Hey K9 fam, we’re back again!

This time we’re wrapping up our training series with a final pearl of wisdom from Doggy Dan, our go-to “Online Dog Trainer.” Today, he’s teaching us about energy and its impact on our doggos. So, let’s get into it.

 Canine Energy: More Than Meets the Eye 

First thing’s first, Dan tells us that our furry friends are like energy detectives. They can feel whether we’re super excited or totally chill. How you say “Let’s go for a walk,” can make all the difference in your dog’s response. Fascinating, right?

 Be the Calm in Their Storm

Us humans? We love getting excited. But Doggy Dan shares a secret – calm energy can work magic when it comes to our pups. Remember, it’s not just what you’re saying, it’s all about how you’re saying it.

High vs. Low Energy: Choose Wisely 

According to Doggy Dan, high energy can rev up your dog, while calm energy can mellow them out. Knowing this can be a total game-changer when you want your pup to keep their paws on the ground and stay chill.

Energy Leadership: Stay Cool, Furry Leader

Imagine your pup’s barking at the window. You might be tempted to shout a command, but Dan advises taking the chill route. A calm “Thank you” can reassure your dog there’s nothing to fret about and help them simmer down. As Dan reminds us, “Whatever you are doing, just consider… being calmer, moving slower.” The energy we bring impacts our dogs significantly.

The takeaway? Your vibe affects your tribe. Our dogs pick up on our energy and respond in kind. By keeping it cool, moving slower, and talking less, we can be the leaders our dogs need. 

To learn more, hit up Doggy Dan’s video above or check out our previous posts about becoming a pack leader & dog training.

That’s all for our Doggy Dan series, but stay tuned for more dog training insights