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Unlocking Effective Dog Training: Weaning Off Treats with Doggy Dan

We’re back with more wisdom from Doggy Dan, the “Online Dog Trainer”. In the second part of this in instalment, Dan shares his expertise on using treats in dog training and how to wean your furry friend off them. Let’s dive in!

🐾 Establishing Leadership: Building a Trust-Based Connection 🐾

One important point Dan emphasises is to not rely solely on using treats in training. Instead, he teaches us to step up and β€œbecome the pack leader” (we talk about this in Blog One)  and establish a strong connection based on trust and respect. By asserting yourself as the leader, your doggos will be motivated to obey your commands without the constant need for treats.

🐾 Treats for New Behaviours: Motivation and Reinforcement 🐾

While weaning off treats is the end goal,  Dan acknowledges their effectiveness in teaching new behaviours. Whether it’s toilet training or a recall command, treats can provide the extra motivation your dog needs to learn these skills initially. But remember, treats should be phased out as your dog becomes more proficient in these behaviours.

🐾 Recall and Rewards: The Exception to the Rule 🐾

However- when it comes to recall, Doggy Dan suggests using treats as a reward. This reinforces the behaviour and keeps your dog eagerly coming back to you. Varying the treats adds an element of surprise and excitement for your pup and acts as a reward.

The bottom line is that, once you’ve confidently trained your doggo, try and phase out using treats other than for recall as it’s like a payment and reward for them.

By following Doggy Dan’s approach, you can gradually decrease reliance on treats while building a strong bond of trust and respect with your furry friend. Check out the video above or visit our blog for more posts about effective leadership & dog training.

Stay tuned for the next instalment where Doggy Dan will share more invaluable training insights!