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Doggy Daycare

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10,234 dogs Served

And counting...



267 verified google reviews

Doggy Daycare

A better day for your pup is waiting!

Daycare at K9 Heaven is a lot of fun, and we can guarantee you that your companion will have a great time with friends! We cater to dogs that like to let loose, those that like to dream the day away, young dogs, older dogs, and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Note: All dogs attending daycare must first complete and pass a trial day. Trial days are by appointment only, and there is a limited number of spaces available. 

10,234 dogs Served

And counting...

Your dog deserves the best

Trial at K9 Heaven

Wish you had more time to shower your pup with love and attention? Let us help! At K9 Heaven’s quality dog daycare, they will spend hours socialising with other pups, exercising, playing brain games, and having fun! And for a limited time, we’re offering new customers the chance to try out our premium daycare services for FREE!

K9 Heaven is unlike any other dog daycare centre in Auckland! We’ve taken every precaution when it comes to the safety, design and maintenance of our state-of-the-art facility. We have the highest safety standards in the industry.

IBPSA Certified

Member of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Human First Aid

First aid training has been completed to a high standard by registered nurses

Dog First Aid 

World Class Training provided by Petfat for all staff who work directly with our dogs

CCTV Monitored

Powered by NX Witness, our monitoring has been built to international standards

Let them run free

Why Daycare on the farm is good for your dog

Your companion will spend the day playing with like-minded canine friends under the supervision of our experienced staff. Our packs are grouped based on personality and size to ensure your companion is surrounded by like-minded and similar-size friends!

New pup pals

Your doggo will have the opportunity to make new furry BFF's through safe socialising with like- minded pups & play!

Sensory enrichement

A farm visit = stimulation for the senses.
New sights, smells & experiences and lots of time for water play

Tired dog is a calm dog

We'll ensure your pup gets all the physical & mental stimulation they need to come home content and happy!

Daily pack runs

A highlight for our doggos is the daily fun of pack running in small groups and exploring our secure 10-acre farm!

Peace of mind

Rest assured - your pup will have furry & human company all day long which is great for their mental health!

All woofs of life are welcome

We cater for all doggos; young, or old. All shapes & sizes and personalities are welcome to have a farm getaway

The question every dog owner asks

Why choose K9 Heaven Doggy Daycare?

From our friendly staff to daily pack runs, our customers (and their doggos) just love our services. When you sign up for a trial day, we will make every effort to get to know you and your pup to ensure that you feel confident from day one.

With a highly experienced team and excellent facilities, our pet families keep on coming back for more. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews.

Our Approach

At K9 Heaven, we’re committed to providing a holistic daycare experience that nurtures your dog’s physical and emotional well-being which is why every dog receives a free park run every visit. 

With a sprawling 10-acre paradise of parkland, forests, and ponds, your doggo will have ample space to stretch their paws and connect with nature. Whether your pup is an indoor enthusiast or a mud-loving adventurer, they’ll find plenty of opportunities to indulge in their favorite activities during their daycare visit.

When it’s time for some rest, there are snug spots where your furry friend can take a well-deserved nap. With cosy bedding, stimulating toys, and loving humans, our doggy daycare is designed to feel just like home.

We also understand the importance of socialisation, which is why we group dogs by size and temperament. Through daily pack runs and interactions, your dog will not only have a blast but also learn valuable social skills and grow confident in the company of other dogs. 


Running with long standing leadership


Dog Lovers

Minding your best friend while you’re away

We’re often asked...
If you’re anything like our staff, you’ve got a lot of questions about what’s awaiting your best friend. For a list of frequently asked questions, click the button below
K9 Heaven
103 Sunnyvale Rd, Massey, Auckland 0614



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Landmarks around the farm

There’s never a dull moment at K9 Heaven


Don’t you worry! They come home dry. The pond is a genuine highlight for most our members and a great way to build water confidence for your woof.


Backyards are great but can you really beat a proper paddock run? we have designated 3 paddock zones for different fitness and confidence levels.


There’s plenty to sniff and seek in the K9 Heaven forest without the risk of escapees! That’s right, our forest is 100% secured and safe with industry grade fencing.

K9 Heaven

Conveniently located on Sunnyvale Road

We proudly serve dog parents in Auckland and the surrounding regions. We are also close to major motorways so access is easy on your way to and from work.

K9 Heaven
103 Sunnyvale Rd, Massey, Auckland 0614



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The Science

Why socialisation is so important for your Dog

Being in a pack is great for your dog’s mental wellbeing and leads to happier, friendlier pups. At our Auckland doggy daycare, we’ll put your best mate into a pack with pups of a similar size and temperament. This means they can feel confident around their new found friends.

Benefit 01

A well socialised dog is a happy & Healthy Dog

Dogs must be safely socialised with other dogs in order to grow into well-rounded canine citizens. The best place to do that is at doggie daycare. Although dog parks can be a fun outlet for both you and your pup, it’s hard to predict what types of dogs will be there, if they will be aggressive, if they will listen to their owners, if their play is safe and appropriate, or even if they are vaccinated and healthy.

At K9 Heaven, we pre-screen and evaluate every dog before they are approved for open play and assign playrooms based on size and temperament. We also have a strict cleaning protocol called the Pet-Safe Cleaning Program that reduces the transmission of illness. Additionally, our playrooms are monitored by a high-caliber staff that is extensively trained in pack management and canine communication.

Benefit 02

Peace of Mind While You're Living Your Life

Leaving your furry friend behind as you head off to work is one of the hardest parts of being a pet parent. While you sit at the desk, focusing on your to-do list, you probably find that your mind drifts to your doggo. You may notice thoughts like “Oh, I hope they’re OK”, “I wonder what they’re doing”, “I hope they don’t escape this time”, or “Maybe I can finish a bit earlier to get home to them”. Spending your days like this is no fun. Not only does it make it harder to concentrate but it also leaves you riddled with anxiety.

By choosing a doggy daycare, you can be rest assured that your doggo is in safe hands. The staff at K9 Heaven are fully trained in everything from doggy first aid to daily body observations.

By getting to know your dog and offering plenty of snuggles, we do everything we can to make them feel at home. Instead of going through your day wondering how sad they are, you can carry on safe in the knowledge that they are having a pawsitively perfect day.

Benefit 03

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog

Instead of your dog sitting on the sofa, pining for your return, get them to the daycare where they can venture outside and breathe in the fresh air. You see, daycare isn’t like dog kennels. In fact, it’s the polar opposite. At doggy daycare, your pup has plenty of opportunities to exercise.

Just like humans, dogs need exercise to keep their bodies fit and healthy. From lower blood pressure to healthy bones, regular exercise has tons of benefits for your doggo. It also helps them get to know the environment, staff and other doggos.

Many canines suffer from obesity which in turn leads to problems with their joints and muscles. Exercise is the best way to prevent and combat obesity. It is also great for mental health as it releases endorphins that will give your furball a natural high.

With 10 acres of farmland to explore, our doggos receive plenty of exercise. To keep your pup fit, we provide free park runs and a range of daily enrichment activities, designed with your pooch in mind. 

A better day for your pup is waiting!

Book your Trial day now

Trial days are by appointment only, and there is a limited number of spaces available. Before we bring you and your dog into the pack, it’s important that we get a chance to know each other. Trial days run from before 10am with a pick up after 3pm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

K9 Heaven is unlike any other dog daycare centre in Auckland! We’ve taken every precaution when it comes to the safety, design and maintenance of our state-of-the-art facility. We have the highest safety standards in the industry.

For daycare, drop off is between 7-10am and pick up between 3-6pm.

Yes please. We have an online portal where you can make bookings for daycare and boarding or this can be done via email.

  • We kick off our day at 7am. This is when daycare dogs come in and boarding dogs are fed.
  • We allow them time to wake up, eat, do their toilet business and then assign them to their play area. This will be with their mates who are of similar size and temperament. 
  • They’ll then settle into their yard, meeting new buddies who have come in for the day and night while our team prepare their structure for the day
  • This includes when they’re going on a walk, when we’ll do their daily full body observations and allow them time to play and rest
  • We have pack runs going out all day on our 10 acre farm so they’ll have an opportunity to blast around with their mates on the farm, in the pond and in our forrest.
  • By the time they’re done with that they’ll be nice and tired and ready to either play a little more, or likely chill out
  • During the day, around the other tasks our team do to keep the yards, clean and sanitised, they’ll have plenty of time to give all the dogs some love, cuddles and attention 
  • We then have our daycare dogs starting to go home from about 3pm onwards while our boarding dogs have their evening feed around 4pm. 
  • By the time it’s 7pm the team have cleaned and sanitised, made sure all the dogs are safety in their sleeping areas and the dogs are settled in for the night after a huge day of stimulation and fun
  • While this may be earlier than you put them to be, remember they’ve had a whole day of fun and enrichment with their buds and the extra sensory stimulation completely tires them out so they’re ready to hop into bed.

Dogs are grouped in order of size and temperament. This means small dogs with small dogs and larger dogs with larger dogs. We also segment them based on temperament as well so we’ll have calm dogs with calm dogs and playful dogs with playful dogs to help balance out the energy.

Our team is always monitoring the dogs to understand what they need. There is enough area in each play area for doggos who are tired to sleep. If there are a rowdy few we will be sure to manage that appropriately so all the doggos get what they need.

We always have at least one of our team monitoring the dogs in our yards. Our team are trained in reading and understanding dog behavior and acting appropriately to ensure all the dogs are safe and having fun using positive reinforcement. 

All our team go through our inhouse training to ensure they’re up to speed on all aspects of providing your doggo with the best and safest experience possible. 

We focus on a balance of fun, safety and good behavior to ensure all the dogs get what they need while in our care. Our team are also trained in pet first aid.

Our team get to know the dogs quickly and can pick up on changes in their behavior. If we’re concerned they’re becoming unwell we will make contact with you immediately with our recommendations and work with you to make a plan. We have local vets we can take them to if needed.

Absolutely. All we need is clear instructions on what it is, what dose to provide and in when. This could be as simple as daily medication in the form of pills or as far as an inculin shot (and everything in between). We have a trained team to do this.

Any time dogs are socialising off lead there is a risk of injury. Even normal and consensual dog play could result in an unintentional injury. It can and does happen from time to time but it is uncommon. Similar to a child falling on the playground or when playing sport with friends.

We have a trained team in pet and human first aid (armed with protocols and procedures to ensure we also mitigate the risk of anything happening). 

If an accident were to occur, you will be notified when you pick up your dog if it is minor, or you will be notified immediately if we believe it is of concern immediately. We provide advice on what we think we should do eg vetcare or not and work with you to make a plan. We have locals vets we can get your dog to. All medical costs are the responsibility of the parents.

We provide high quality beds and bedding, bowls, blankets and toys meaning there is no need to bring anything with you. We also want to keep our environment bubbled off from the “outside” so we can maintain our cleaning and sanitizing standards and know exactly what has and hasn’t been cleaned/sanitized/looked after and to what degree.

We update our social media daily with photos and videos so you can see what they’re getting up to each day. It’s a bit of a logistical nightmare for us to get quality content of every doggo in our care. If you havent seen your dog and are a little worried – please email letting us know and we’ll get some snaps over to you. 


If you have any questions, or information to share, please fill out our contact form and we’ll respond within two business days. In the meantime, take a look at our FAQ – your question might already be answered there.
Our Pledge

Your furry child will be in great hands with us

Our promise comes from our team’s genuine love for dogs, regardless of their size or breed. When you leave your dog at K9 Heaven, you’re leaving them in the hands of highly trained professionals.

Our team have extensive experience working with all types of dogs and a passion for providing our clients, both two-legged and four-legged, with the best possible customer service. We pledge to be honest and work alongside you, providing 100% transparency, just as a teacher would do with a student.

You’re leaving someone who is a part of your family with us, and our team will treat your pet the same way they would their own. We can’t wait to provide you and your pup with an experience that will surpass your expectations!

We’re trusted by dog owners of all types

Here’s what the K9 Heaven community is saying about their fur baby’s stay


Very organised and professional

Awesome doggy daycare, boarding facility and grooming. Very organised and professional and they look after our dog so well. Our dog is always so excited when we arrive at K9 Heaven! The groomer Michael is also amazing!



Yorky just about jumps out the window he is so eager.

We have had Yorky and Skipper in K9Heaven for years and we know that we are so happy with how happy they are with going for their day sits or boarding. Yorky just about jumps out the window he is so eager. Being able to have a discount as we are Gold card makes a big difference too.
Thank you Tanya and Ollie

Leone Shaw


Just the most amazing place

Just the most amazing place. Our pup has the best time and always comes back shattered. We recently did the birthday package and it is well worth it! We got the best photos and all of our friends and family loved seeing them. We also quite often will send our pup there because you can choose not to have them crated overnight. Thanks again to the K9 Heaven family, were so glad you were recommended.

Trish Roberts


Mac absolutely loves k9 Heaven

She is so excited on the way there and so tired on the way home! The team are friendly and Mac loves them so much! The facilities are great, she gets to run and swim and enjoy being with the other dogs. Thank you so much k9 Heaven, I feel so safe leaving Mac with you!

Shelley C.


He has the time of his life and comes back happy (and tired)

Having a half Husky puppy during lockdown was not easy. This boy is full of energy – we used to take him on hikes and walks 3-5 times a day, praying he would be tired at the end of the day. Nope. Never happened. We took him to several different daycares – for socialising and to get his energy used up more. Sadly, Zeus got sent home few times because he was “too hyper active” to be around other dogs.. Then we found a daycare with a huge farm area where dogs run freely rather than being crammed in a small indoor area. K9 Heaven is an actual Heaven for our boy Zeus. The staff are friendly and attentive – They recognises every dog owner that comes through and buzzes in and out their dogs with convenience. Tanya, Ollie and the whole team really shows that they care for all dogs at K9. But most importantly, Zeus LOVES going to K9 Heaven! He has the time of his life and comes back happy (and tired). We do daycare almost everyday now, Boarding was swell, on top of that, they do fantastic grooming!

Ellie Y Shin


Loves the socialisation, exercise and sleeps well once she is home.

Indie absolutely loves K9 Heaven, she starts howling as we drive in the driveway. She loves the socialisation and exercise and sleeps well once she is home. Highly recommend.

Maureen Dowers


Thanks so much to Ollie, Tanya and the team.

These two get so excited just pulling into the driveway. The team here is wonderful, they keep them safe and take exceptional care, you can see their dedication to service in the interaction with us as owners (nothing is ever an issue- last minute grooming or tense parental phone calls). The best part is they also come home smelling lovely and clean after an action packed day of running around with their friends. Thanks so much to Ollie, Tanya and the team.

Sean Frater


I never worry about him while at work. It is like his 2nd home.

Absolutely love the team at K9 Heaven. Louie Boxer attends daycare whenever I am working and comes home happy and tired-often falling asleep on the way home! I love seeing photos everyday of the adventures he gets up to while there, with acres of land to explore, even a lake for a mid winter swim! Always coming home smelling fresh, he receives a wash if he gets muddy from his adventures. He is so well looked after by genuinely caring people, I never worry about him while at work. It is like his 2nd home. Highly recommend to anyone!

Kiwibird 74


It is a dog heaven for your dog

The team at K9 have looked after our fur pack with utmost care and love, from wee puppies to nearly 12 years of age.  Over the 12 years, we have experienced over and above service with all their team. The small chats about the humorous things they did during the day were outstanding, equally when they were a bit off too. It simply told us they cared, and what more can a dog owner want?  We cannot recommend K9 Heaven more highly – it is a dog heaven for your dog, and always presents a safe, caring and responsible daycare and added value of a grooming service too!!

Nadine Rathjens

Your pup’s very own pocket Concierge

Book your daycare, boarding and grooming services at K9 Heaven with ease through our PetExec app.

Your pup’s very own pocket Concierge

Book your daycare, boarding and grooming services at K9 Heaven with ease through our PetExec app.